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MMRPS relay hunger strike reaches the third day

MMRPS relay hunger strike reaches the third day

Anganwadi Padam Nagmani family in front of Vinayakapuram PHC Hospital in Aswaraupeta zone continued their relay hunger strike for the third day under the auspices of MMRPS seeking justice. On the occasion, District Secretary Koleti Pakirayya said that the government should immediately think of and support the family, otherwise the protest will be informed in various forms. Tlu week to be maintained. They said they would unite all the communities and cite protests in the coming days. The event was supported by Tagaram Rambabu Dalit Welfare Association National Secretary, Bontu Ravi Teja Agency Dalit Rights Practice Group as well as MMRPS District Secretary Koleti Pakirayya Garu and family members and villagers.

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