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CM Jagan to launch Jeevakranti scheme

Distribution of 2.49 lakh sheep and goat units across the state The total cost is Rs.1868.63 crores The goal is to provide a sustainable, better income for older sisters State Government Agreement with Allana Foods

CM Jagan to launch Jeevakranti scheme

Chief Minister YS Jaganmohan Reddy will inaugurate the Jagannath Jeeva Kranti scheme on Thursday with the intention of raising the standard of living and living standards with less effort and less investment. Under this scheme, sheep and goat units are distributed through Farmer Assurance Centers with government financial assistance to women belonging to BC, SC, ST and minority communities between the ages of 45 to 60 years. The distribution of 2.49 lakh sheep and goat units will cost Rs 1868.63 crore. CM YS Jagan will launch the event on Thursday via video conference from his camp office.

  • Each unit పాటు consists of 14 lambs or goats (5–6 months of age separated from the mother) and juveniles (total 14 + 1). The cost of this unit has been fixed at Rs.75 lakh including transport and insurance cost.
  • Beneficiaries can purchase Nellore Brown, Jodipi, Macharla Brown, Vizianagaram breeds of sheep, Black Bengal in goats, or livestock of their choice with local breeds. Only one unit is distributed to each beneficiary.
  • The state government has entered into an agreement with Allana Foods for the scheme. Thereby training amateur women interested in generating income through the sale of meat and meat products. Arranging to supply quality, processed meat. As part of this, Allana Foods has started a center in East Godavari district and is trying to expand its branches in Kurnool, Vijayanagaram and Srikakulam districts.

    These are the uses

    ► Organic farming provides employment to landless poor women. The scheme will contribute to rural economic development. Containing high proteins without any hindrance to the flesh of the organism helps to boost the immune system.

    High profits can be obtained without the need for much investment in the cultivation of organisms. Breeders have a bright future commercially. The faster the reproduction process in the organism, the faster the herd will develop. So that the chances of making profits quickly are high.

    Organic urine, manure can be used as an excellent fertilizer for crop fields .. Contributes to organic farming.

    The buying process is transparent

    The government has formulated a transparent process without any corruption or manipulation in the process of purchase and distribution of these units.

    Sisters given the SERP‌ option as per the prescribed procedures, two veterinarians, a SERP‌ representative, a bank representative will go to the Farmer Assurance Center or Santa at a price determined by a five-member committee concerned and check the organisms. Purchased freely according to the interest of the beneficiary. Earrings are worn to identify purchased organisms. Insurance cover is provided for three years.

    Implemented in three installments

    The first installment will be 20,000 units till March 2021, the second installment will be 130,000 units from April to August 2021 and the third installment will be 99,000 units from September to December 2021. The scheme will be implemented in three installments.

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